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  • Gas cleaning for fluid catalytic cracking plants in refineries

    GEA Bischoff Customised Gas Cleaning Systems for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) Units. One of our most important activities in the refinery industry is gas cleaning for FCC units. GEA Bischoff technologies combine engineering process engineering, environmental aspects and energy savings. ...

  • Steam Jet Vacuum Pumps

    Jet vacuum pumps are used to create and maintain the vacuum in evaporators, driers, in distillation and rectification plants, and in the processes of freeze drying, polycondensation, degassing and deodorizing.

    These sorts of equipment consist fundamentally of jet pumps and ...

  • Jet Mixer Systems

    Applications. Liquid jet mixers are jet pumps to mix and circulate liquids. The range of applications for liquid jet mixers is only limited by the viscosity of the liquid to be mixed. As a rule, jet mixers can be used in all cases where the liquid to be mixed can still be supplied by ...

  • Jet Pumps, Mixers, Heaters and Vacuum Systems

    Jet pumps, also referred to as ejectors, are devices for the conveyance, compression or mixing of gases, vapors, liquids or solids in which a gaseous or liquid medium serves as the motive force. They operate by the conversion of pressure energy into velocity in suitable nozzles. They ...

  • GEA MDI Splitting Process

    Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) is an organic chemical which is one of the main components for the production of polyurethanes. Crude MDI is still only commercially produced via the phosgene route and contains three diisocyanate isomers, oligomeric polyisocyanates (tri,tetra,penta ...

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