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  • Are you ready for MARPOL?

    As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has decided to implement the MARPOL Annex VI, all ships must globally reduce their emissions of sulfur by 86% before 2020. This fact is bound to have a huge impact on the shipping as well as the refinery industry. But exactly what will happen? ...

  • Meet emission challenges with reliable Claus tail gas unit performance

    Meet emission directives while improving your sulfur management. In today’s oil and gas industry, maximizing sulfur recovery from off-gases is extremely important. Regulations get tighter, forcing operators to constantly optimize the efficiency of their sulfur management units. Adding ...

  • Want to remove particles from your naphtha gas phase?

    Topsoe’s gas phase scale catcher effectively removes particles from the process stream and prevents reduction of bed void fraction and pressure drop build up. Particles entering with the gas, are often preventing units from optimal performance. Topsoe has developed a gas phase scale ...

  • It’s time to give your reactor some HELPsc™

    Excessive pressure drop build-up issues in hydroprocessing reactors are often keeping units from delivering maximum value. Refiners are forced to perform premature shutdowns for costly catalyst skimming operations resulting in lost profit.

    Topsoe’s High-Efficiency ...

  • ReFRESH™ your Catalyst

    Topsoe´s ReFRESH™ technology offers you the opportunity to use Haldor Topsoe catalysts twice for maximum economic benefit by reactivation of the catalytically active sites. Activity up to 95+ % of fresh catalyst is restored. The technology is commercially proven with more than ...

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