KBC (A Yokogawa Company)

15021 Katy Freeway
Suite 600
TX 77094

Tel : +1 281 293 8200
Fax : +1 281 616 0900

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  • KBC Cloud Based Equipment Monitoring

    KBC Cloud Based Equipment Monitoring

    The KBC Asset Monitoring Application is a low-cost, subscription-based, cloud service for anomaly event detection for class B industrial rotating equipment assets not already under continuous monitoring.

  • KBC Visual EMSA Energy Management System

    KBC Visual EMSA Energy Management System

    Decision-makers must optimally design and operate their industrial energy assets to remain competitive in today's emerging energy landscape. The Visual MESA® Energy Management System supports energy management system activities using past, present, and future information to operate ...

  • KBC Visual MESA Production Accounting

    KBC Visual MESA Production Accounting

    Visual MESA® Production Accounting software is the most advanced solution for production accounting, balance, and data reconciliation applications. For more than 20 years, our production accounting software has been the most widely used technology in Latin America, with a continuously ...

  • KBC Value Kits

    KBC Value Kits

    Providing a common view of performance to stakeholders at all levels in an organization, KBC Value Kits provide a clear view of current performance, enabling you to identify and respond to deviations quicker, remain on plan for longer, and highlight key improvement opportunities. As ...

  • IChemE / KBC Serving Society 2022

    IChemE / KBC Serving Society 2022

    KBC had the privilege to be selected to take part in a programme, Serving Society, to celebrate the UK Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (IChemE’s) 100th anniversary. IChemE has partnered with ITN Productions Industry News, to take a look at the role of the chemical engineer, how ...

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