Valmet valve factory in Vantaa, Finland

Step inside our Valve technology center in Vantaa, Finland and see how valves are manufactured, from machining to assembly, and final testing. In addition, have a look at our flow laboratory, the place for research and testing.

Other Videos

  • Impact of API 6D 25th edition

    API 6D is one of the oldest and most renowned specifications in the valve industry. It undergoes periodic revisions to address concerns about ever-evolving refining industry requirements. What are the recent API 6D changes and their impact on ball valves? Watch the video interview with our expert ...

  • Significant air saving possibilities

    Sustainability is a hot topic in all process industries. The thousands of valves that control and safeguard today’s process plant operations consume a sizeable amount of compressed air. Valmet’s Neles™ NDX intelligent valve controller consumes approximately 80 to 90% less air than conventional ...

  • Our biggest machine ready for work at Vantaa valve factory

    Ten trucks drove from Spain to Finland carrying a special cargo to our Vantaa valve manufacturing unit. It took 10 weeks to install the new BOST machine in our heavy stream production line, and the whole project lasted two years. Now this giant 95 ton CNC-machine is up and running full speed.

  • Flow control part of energy transition

    Energy transition and the move toward greener energy production is a hot topic also for our flow control customers who are exploring and investing in new ways to produce more sustainable energy. What is the biggest challenge for valves? What is the winning technology for producing future energy?< ...

  • Neles™ XH ball valve – Forward-thinking design

    The needs and desires of our customers are the foundation for this comprehensive product family. It has been designed to deliver ease, reliability and superior sustainability across its entire lifecycle, taking all sides into consideration.

  • Reliable flow control for carbon capture

    To reach the net-zero goal in 2050, our industries, all forms of transportation and all our well-being amenities must avoid carbon emissions. How do you see the importance of carbon capture for tackling climate change? See the expert interview and learn how Valmet’s flow control solutions bring ...

  • Cryogenic valve test at Neles laboratory

    Did you know that we test our valves in extreme cold to ensure their reliability and safety? Take a look at the video to see what the test conditions are like!

  • Cryogenic FAT test of a Neles valve at valve technology center

    Did you know we do cryogenic factory acceptance testing (FAT) for our valves in -196°C? The tested valve sizes range from 4'' up to 100''. Sometimes the tests are done together with a third party inspector representing our customer. Watch the video and step into our cryogenic lab!

  • Building the biggest machine for valve manufacturing

    Meet the new giant at our valve technology center in Vantaa, Finland! The state-of-the-art BOST CNC machine is the biggest investment in the history of valve manufacturing for Valmet’s flow control business line. The machine is 10m in length, over 6m in height and 95 tons in weight, and the installation ...

  • Welcome to our clean room - preparing valves for oxygen service

    The cleaning and maintenance of valves in oxygen service is one of the most important factors that simply cannot be neglected. Our special cleaning process is planned and implemented in full compliance with the international oxygen cleaning standards. See the video to step inside our clean room at ...