StaBlox™ Flue Gas Tunnel System

The Blasch StaBlox Tunnel System is a versatile, mechanically stable system consisting of a series of stackable, interlocking blocks. The StaBlox system allows for an extremely fast, easy installation while at the same time offering a much higher level of reliability with customizable blocks and highly engineered, mortar free expansion joints.

With our StaBlox system, we have applied new technology to an age-old problem. Unlike traditional reformer flue gas tunnels which will typically fail as a result of multiple thermal cycles and poorly performing expansion joints to accommodate the thermal growth, the StaBlox system was designed to fit together effortlessly in a mortar free assembly that will easily and accurately accommodate for any anticipated thermal growth.

The unique geometry and advanced mating features of the blocks in the base, walls, tie-rods, and structural lid of the Blasch StaBlox Tunnel System reduce the installation time by over half. Highly engineered designs allow the weight of the tunnels to be reduced by up to 75% while maintaining structural integrity. All of the Blasch StaBlox components are fully customizable allowing them to fit any situation or unit.

The same base material and distributed expansion technology behind the StaBlox system has been saving Blasch customers money in various high temperature combustion applications for decades.

Watch as we demonstrate how quickly a StaBlox flue gas tunnel can be assembled.

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