Number: 4


  • Axens Reforming Chemistry

    Understanding reforming chemistry begins with the catalyst itself. Embark with Axens on a journey to the atomic scale into the labyrinth of pores, where the reactions occur. A single fully-saturated n-hexane molecule will be followed to demonstrate the main reforming reactions.

  • How a refinery improved their CCR catalytic reformer unit efficiency by 9%

    A refinery in South Africa was experiencing high bridgewall temperature in their CCR unit because of process tube scaling. They needed a solution with a clear return on investment. Watch the video to see how this was accomplished.

  • Packed Bed Towers - Tru-Grid™ Scan/PackView™

    Tracerco can help you optimise your packed tower performance by analysing liquid flow distribution, liquid retention and checking for damage. You’ll be able to plan maintenance effectively and avoid emergency equipment charges. Using a Tru-Grid™ scan, Tracerco can verify ...

  • Reforming Tubes - Catalyst

    Due to the drop in level of the catalyst, most tubes require topping up over their 5-20 cycles. With Magcat the level does not drop as extensively and they maintain their uniformity.