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  • Becht Damage Assessment

    How do you ensure you are prepared for a significant damage event? Becht has an experienced team to help with everything you need from initial response, root cause failure analysis, damage assessment, insurance optimization, recovery plan, construction coordination, cost estimates, and ...

  • Better decisions for a better future — UOP E6 Methodology

    Before, owners only had one way to evaluate future investment opportunities: historical comparative analysis. This approach does not provide the full picture and does not inform on tradeoffs inherent in any investment decision. Now, with the UOP E6 methodology, owners have a strategic ...

  • Carrie Eppelheimer on Refineries of the Future

    What is driving the integration of the refinery and petrochemical industries? How can you integrate and maximize your returns? UOP’s Chief Marketing Officer, Carrie Eppelheimer, offers insights and a step-wise approach in this HUG 2019 presentation.

  • World's largest crude column installed

    The crude column for Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery has been lifted onto its foundation. The column, weighing 2350t and standing 112m tall, was lifted and placed on its foundation as a single piece. Once completed, this complex will be the world’s largest single-train refinery with 650 ...