Number: 9


  • Collaborating with Grace to combat iron poisoning in the FCCU

    The growth in domestic crude production, specifically tight oils, mean new challenges for refiners. A number of crudes from newly developed fields have elevated levels of iron. Now, iron poisoning in the FCCU, once an isolated phenomena when processing opportunity crudes is impacting the ...

  • Delivering FCC Value through Technical Service

    As the first FCC catalyst company to provide technical services, W. R. Grace & Co. helps global refiners with extensive, hands-on experience with FCC operations, unit design, modeling, and troubleshooting in addition to advanced analytical and pilot plant services.

  • FCC Catalyst Solutions from Grace

    Fluid catalytic cracking has helped shape the modern world. But new standards, evolving demands and diverse feedstocks are changing the petroleum industry. To create value, refineries need new solutions-solutions that W. R. Grace & Co., the world’s largest supplier of FCC catalysts ...

  • FCC Refinery Catalysts by BASF

    At BASF, our Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst and additive offerings together with our expert technical services build the right solution to create value within any unit’s constraints. We provide FCC innovations to maximize production of highly-valued petrochemicals and fuels ...

  • Fourtitude™ Fluid Catalytic Cracking catalyst

    Fourtitude™ is a new Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst by BASF designed to maximize butylenes from resid feedstocks. It is optimized to deliver superior selectivity to butylenes while maintaining catalyst activity. 

  • History of UOP | Honeywell

    In commemoration of Honeywell UOP's 100th anniversary, this video describes how UOP has established the foundation for today's refining industry, revolutionized the global oil and gas industry, and enabled our modern way of living. Featuring UOP President and CEO Rajeev Gautam and other ...

  • HyOctane™ - squeeze more value out of your FCC gasoline

    Do you ever wonder why there is so little competition in the FCC gasoline post-treatment catalyst market? Well, we did, and now there’s a better choice.

  • Renewable Diesel Solutions from Grace

    Thanks to our century of experience in the petrochemical industry, we have the expertise renewable diesel producers need for the pre-treatment and purification of difficult-to-refine feedstock. TRISYL® silica adsorbents provide superior performance in the removal of polar and ionic contaminants ...

  • Tracerco measurement instruments and servicing videos

    Introducing our award winning range of downstream process instrumentation.