Number: 12


  • BASF product portfolio for Refineries

    This video demonstrates BASF’ expertise applied along Oil Value Chain of the Conversion of crude oil into fuels with high performance characteristics. It presents BASF’ broad product portfolio for Refining, NGL Transportation, Fuel Production and Storage. The portfolio consists ...

  • Catalyst Tube Filling & Packing

    Magcat spheres pack evenly and predictably despite the orientation of any individual pellet VS traditional spheres packing in a chaotic manner.

  • Comparison Drop Loading Catalyst

    Stimulation of drop test - 40ft drop loading video of the Catalyst.

  • Gas Flow & Heat Transfer in Catalyst

    Magcat spheres produce a more uniformed gas flow maintaining good  gas-to-catalyst contact throughout the bed.

  • Gas Flow Comparison Catalyst Tube

    Comparison of gas flow in a Catalyst Tube

  • Heating & Cooling of Catalyst tubes

    See how our Magcat product reacts when the tubes are heated and cooled.

  • History of UOP | Honeywell

    In commemoration of Honeywell UOP's 100th anniversary, this video describes how UOP has established the foundation for today's refining industry, revolutionized the global oil and gas industry, and enabled our modern way of living. Featuring UOP President and CEO Rajeev Gautam and other ...

  • MagCat Textured Animation Magma Catalyst

    Find out more about our Magcat product in our animated video.

  • Magma Group / UNICAT corporate video

    Uniting Catalysts - UNICAT through its acquisition of Magma Group is revolutionizing catalytic manufacturing.

  • Reforming Tubes - Catalyst

    Due to the drop in level of the catalyst, most tubes require topping up over their 5-20 cycles. With Magcat the level does not drop as extensively and they maintain their uniformity.

  • Smooth vs Textured Catalyst

    Comparison of the smooth vs the textured catalyst shape.

  • We are Johnson Matthey

    For over 200 years we've used advanced metals chemistry to tackle society's biggest challenges. Today, the world's leading energy, chemical and automotive companies depend on us to help them decarbonise, reduce harmful emissions and achieve their sustainability goals. Our skills are needed ...