Number: 199


  • Tracerco measurement instruments and servicing videos

    Introducing our award winning range of downstream process instrumentation.

  • We can’t get to net zero without hydrogen

    In our Hydrogen Technologies business, the team are ramping up to accelerate the hydrogen economy and meet demand.

  • Collaborating with Grace to combat iron poisoning in the FCCU

    The growth in domestic crude production, specifically tight oils, mean new challenges for refiners. A number of crudes from newly developed fields have elevated levels of iron. Now, iron poisoning in the FCCU, once an isolated phenomena when processing opportunity crudes is impacting the ...

  • Cryogenic valve test at Neles laboratory

    Did you know that we test our valves in extreme cold to ensure their reliability and safety? Take a look at the video to see what the test conditions are like!

  • Axens Arofining® Aromatics purification through selective hydrogenation unit

    Aromatics commercial specifications, as well as transformation and separation processes, require aromatic streams free of unsaturated compounds. Arofining® is an aromatics purification technology aiming at hydrogenating in a selective manner olefins, diolefins and styrenics while preserving ...

  • FCC Refinery Catalysts by BASF

    At BASF, our Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst and additive offerings together with our expert technical services build the right solution to create value within any unit’s constraints. We provide FCC innovations to maximize production of highly-valued petrochemicals and fuels ...

  • Watlow Semiconductor Processing - Adaptive Thermal Systems

    Watlow’s Adaptive Thermal Systems (ATS™) are a suite of  technologies that combine sensing, heating and controlling in innovative ways to improve the thermal performance of a customer’s application.

  • What is Flashpoint? Why do we test it? How does it work with the FP VISION?

    Learn about Flashpoint and the various methods for testing it through the MINIFLASH FP VISION.

  • Automated ASU gas analysis with Pentatec

    Our innovative gas analyzers are supporting Italian channel partner Pentatec SRL’s automated system for whole plant analysis and filling management at air separation unit (ASU) plants.

  • Axens AdvaMEG® solution for MEG regeneration and reclamation

    Different types of schemes are available as part of AdvaMEG® solution such as conventional regeneration, integrated and slip stream scheme. Here is a focus on the integrated scheme.

  • Gas analysis solutions that support cleaner energy

    Reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful pollutants is an increasing priority for power producers, hydrocarbon processing plants, and many other industries. Operators want to improve the efficiency of their processes, making them more ecologically responsible, and meet ...

  • IDW - Downstream Conference

    IDW - Downstream Conference offered three days of interactive panels, insightful presentations, and a variety of networking formats. Cemented as Europe’s premier technical refining and petrochemical conference, IDW is dedicated to helping the industry maximize its production and operational ...

  • Reforming Tubes - Catalyst

    Due to the drop in level of the catalyst, most tubes require topping up over their 5-20 cycles. With Magcat the level does not drop as extensively and they maintain their uniformity.