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Respond To Market Conditions. As market conditions, regulations and technologies change, UOP continues to redefine the future of refining. We are helping refiners like you achieve profitable growth by integrating refining and petrochemicals to meet changing market demands.

Keith Couch
Honeywell UOP’s Refining Solutions Group

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Honeywell UOP develops unique and comprehensive configuration studies for refiners that want to diversify into petrochemicals and capture more value out of every barrel of oil. With a stepwise investment approach, beginning with conversion of the lowest value stream first, refiners can create real bottom line value.

A configuration study for a 500 kBPD refinery with an existing VGO hydrocracking to diesel and a delayed coking unit demonstrated a potential pathway that would allow a refiner to profitably maximise bottom of the barrel conversion through Uniflex™ MC technology and integrate into petrochemicals with VGO and diesel hydrocracking to naphtha (Figure 1).

Be flexible, Integrated and Connected
Rethink your business model for profitable growth.
New, integrated refining and petrochemical projects are targeting as high as 70% petrochemicals products. This is also achievable for existing refineries through strategic, stepwise investments in new process technology with advanced molecular management.

Honeywell UOP can help refiners develop an integration strategy that unlocks additional value by utilising the latest bottom of the barrel technology, high conversion hydrocracking and today’s energy-efficient aromatics complexes. Integrating these technologies enables traditional refiners to diversify into petrochemicals and create their own Refinery of the Future.

Meet the future of refining head on
New insights from cloud-based data analytics are already giving future forward refiners a competitive edge. With our cloud-based Connected Plant services, leading refiners are analysing plant and process data against our proven UOP models and achieving even higher asset utilisation.
You can read the conversion example in our downloadable whitepaper: Advances in crude to chemicals: the Refinery of the Future delivers opportunities through bottom of the barrel conversion.

This short article originally appeared in the 2019 ERTC Newspaper, produced by PTQ / DigitalRefining.

You can view the digital issue here - http://www.eptq.com/digitalPTQ/2019-ertc/html5/index.html?&locale=ENG

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