Facilitating significant reduction in emissions at utility plant

Plants face the challenge of SCR fouling which, if left unresolved, can lead an excessive accumulation of ash on a catalyst resulting in compromised gas flow.

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In the ongoing battle to reduce hazardous nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, Integrated Global Services (IGS) has provided invaluable assistance to a utility plant, contributing to the nationwide effort to comply with the increasingly stringent emission regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

95% Clean SCR Guaranteed
Through the implementation of IGS’ pioneering 95% Clean SCR Guarantee, a 350-megawatt coal-fired plant located in the Midwest (U.S.) has achieved a remarkable reduction in the emission of perilous gases, which pose risks to both human health and the overall ecosystem.

To fully appreciate the significance of these advancements for the plant’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactor and similar installations, it is crucial to understand the adverse impacts of NOx. This collection of toxic and highly reactive gas compounds is frequently formed during high-temperature fuel combustion, causing air and water pollution, and contributing to the formation of acid rain and smog, both of which have serious environmental implications.

The Challenge
The Midwest utility plant faced an additional challenge in the form of SCR fouling, which arises from the excessive accumulation and deposition of ash on the catalyst within coal power plants. The plant experienced substantial issues related to fouling, resulting in compromised gas flow and uneven distribution of ash. Left unresolved, these problems progressively worsened over time, leading to a significant build-up on the catalyst.

Failure to address such issues promptly and effectively would result in varying degrees of SCR fouling, leading to reduced deNOx efficiency, production limitations, and potentially requiring unplanned shutdowns for resolution. The ensuing consequences would exact a heavy toll on both time and financial resources, with SCR performance levels plummeting by more than 60% in several cases. Moreover, catalyst lifespan would be severely impacted, and failure to address these concerns promptly could result in non-compliance with environmental regulations.

The Solution
Fortunately, IGS has devised a tailored SCR solution that tackles the root causes of fouling, restoring optimal distribution within the SCR and effectively eliminating NOx. For the Midwest utility plant, the IGS solution implementation resulted in a significant annual reduction of approximately 600 tons of NOx emissions.

The near elimination of SCR fouling, directly attributed to IGS’ services and equipment, has led to substantial cost savings, and enabled the plant to operate at full capacity while adhering to EPA requirements.

This success story serves as a testament to IGS’ unwavering commitment to developing products and systems that rejuvenate installations, bringing them back to their original or improved design capacity.

By equipping plants with the necessary tools, IGS ensures compliance with industry standards, enabling SCR reactors and power plants to operate at maximum efficiency.

IGS’ 95% Clean SCR Guarantee has yielded remarkable reductions in emission rates at this plant by effectively addressing SCR fouling issues. This case, along with others of its kind, serves as a testament to IGS’ pioneering role in meeting EPA regulations while enabling safe and efficient plant operations. As the industry continues its quest for solutions to ever-tightening emission restrictions, IGS and its partners remain steadfast in their commitment to lead the charge, delivering clean, secure, and reliable electricity for the public.

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