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  • Optimise your workflow and improve lab efficiencies


    (White Paper) - XOS’ Sindie® series sulphur analysers offer a variety of features and capabilities aiming to improve your operational efficiencies. ...

  • The digital refinery


    (White Paper) - How MOL used a new approach to data to improve plant diagnostics, adopt alternate crudes and save millions. The petroleum industry is once ...

  • Using continuous helical flow to reduce fouling


    (White Paper) - It would not be an understatement to say that fouling is one of the most costly recurring problems in hydrocarbon processing, and that ...

  • Responsive image Worldwide refinery processing review
  • Responsive image Reinventing reliability
  • Responsive image Extensive tray portfolio
  • Responsive image Shut-off valves
  • Responsive image Galexia™ hydroprocessing platform
  • Responsive image The sulphur processing expert
  • Responsive image ProTreat® mass transfer rate based simulation
  • Responsive image OpX® Digital
  • Responsive image Corrosion control
  • Responsive image Processing heavy canadian crude
  • Responsive image PROVALVE® Fixed Valve