ESF Europe 2023

22 - 22 February 2023


Event Description

As the race for Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality accelerates, the role that the oil and gas downstream industry plays in ensuring these goals are met efficiently and affordably advances.

Europe is currently facing a dual challenge; to deliver energy security alongside delivering the energy transition, all the while coping with rising costs as a result of the energy crisis. Europe has the opportunity to re-industrialise, achieve security of supply, and sustainable supply as it adapts and embraces the solutions and routes to decarbonise whilst becoming energy independent.

The downstream industry is changing, with boundaries between upstream, midstream, downstream and power becoming blurred. Whether it’s reduce, recycle or remove, success will be defined by clear, significant, and concrete targets.

There is no silver bullet, Europe’s refiners and producers must consider all of the solutions that are needed, and come together to find and leverage the synergies and partnerships to be at the forefront of delivering this transition.

Against this backdrop, industry leaders will convene in Amsterdam from the 20th - 22nd February 2023, to accelerate the energy transition through the collaborations, discussions, and development of a sustainable energy future in which Europe’s oil and gas downstream industry continues to play a leading role.

Event Organiser

Euro Petroleum Consultants
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Bermondsey Street

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