Axens Symphony™ reforming catalysts

New Catalyst Family Better Serves Customer Needs. Symphony® is a harmonious orchestration of 100 years of cumulative reforming catalyst expertise scored to yield superior performance and client satisfaction. Axens’ recent acquisition of Criterion’s reforming business has allowed for unprecedented synergies between superior catalyst support technologies and superior multi-metal formulation technologies.

The results of these synergies are reflected in compelling improvement in yields and hydrothermal stability for virtually all reforming services from:
• Fixed bed to CCR
• Low to high density loading
• Lean to rich naphtha feed
• High to low octane severity

Symphony® should be the catalyst of choice with replacement profitability so conclusive that even a change-out before end-of-life assures payback in months rather than years.


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  • Advanced process control for Prime-G+™

    The benchmark technology for ultra low sulfur FCC gasoline. Deep HDS of cracked gasoline in one sweet little process. Deep hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of FCC gasoline (the largest sulfur contributor in the gasoline pool) is required to reduce gasoline pool sulfur content. Technologies must meet the following ...

  • Arofining™ - Aromatics purification via selective hydrogenation

    Aromatics Purification through Selective Hydrogenation Unit. Aromatics commercial specifications, as well as transformation and separation processes, require aromatic streams free of unsaturated compounds. Arofining™ is an aromatics purification technology aiming at hydrogenating in a selective ...

  • Grading & guard materials

    Maximum catalyst protection and optimum pressure drop management. With the increased levels of heavy and non conventional crude oils in the refinery diets, state-of the art catalysts need state of the art Grading and Guard Materials to create the best working environment mitigating pressure drop and ...

  • High octane C₅/C₆ cuts via isomerization Processes

    C5/C6 isomerization is a must-have for refiners who want to maximize the profitability of their gasoline pool. This process can be adapted to various configurations and allows improving C5/C6 naphtha cut octane numbers up to 92 without constraints on olefins and sulfur. Axens is licensing a complete ...

  • Axens engineering services revamping

    For a successful revamping project, no matter the degree of its complexity, and in accordance with your tight schedules, Axens is your unique contact during the phase preceding detailed engineering. Axens’ offer is based on our well founded expertise and several decades of experience. Our team ...

  • Axens hydrocracking

    Axens is an established name in hydrocracking licensing with more than 40 years’ experience in all types of hydrocracking processes. We have a large portfolio of hydroconversion processes, including fixed and ebullated-bed technologies. Our commercial units operate at low, medium and high conversion, ...

  • Axens tech services

    Operating personnel are uncomfortable with changes affecting operations such as: process upsets, catalyst regeneration and replacement, changes in feedstock, modified product specifications, evolution of production goals and new operating staff. In coping with these changes, your resources - manpower, ...

  • Axens Connect’In™

    High speed data networks, cloud-based systems and advanced data techniques are leading a distinct change in the way industries monitor and optimize operating assets. Refineries that will adopt realtime unit monitoring tools incorporating on-demand, advanced modelling of process performance will see an ...

  • Axens catalysts and adsorbents

    Decades of scientific achievement in catalyst and adsorbent research, product development, engineering expertise, process licensing technologies, manufacturing capability, and industrial feedback form the basis of the most advanced and reliable catalysts and adsorbents available anywhere to serve the ...

  • About Axens

    Axens is a group providing a complete range of solutions for the conversion of oil and biomass to cleaner fuels, the production and purification of major petrochemical intermediates as well as all of natural gas' treatment and conversion options. The offer includes technologies, equipment, furnaces, ...

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