Industry 4.0-ready flash point analyzer. MINIFLASH FP VISION is part of Grabner Instruments Vision analyzer family. The flash point tester MINIFLASH FP Vision combines the field-proven advantages of Grabner analyzers with a convenient touch-screen design. The Industry 4.0-ready instrument fully integrates with enterprise level networks and the COCKPITTM Software for Vision analyzer.

• Advanced Flash Point Methods
Measurements in accordance with the safest flash point methods ASTM D6450 and D7094. Results are rated equivalent to ASTM D93/ISO 2719 Pensky Martens method and are in excellent correlation with ASTM D56, ISO 13736, and IP 170. Also available are methods for simulation of ISO 3679 and ISO 3680 testing, fuel dilution measurement for used oil analysis, and fast screening programs.

“There is no statistically significant bias observed between ASTM D7094 and ASTM D93 Procedure A.”

• Combustion Analysis
Samples with small concentrations of flammable compounds sometimes do not show a definite flash point. MINIFLASH FP Vision detects the smallest flash point and displays the sample contamination graphically.

• Advanced Peltier Cooling Technology
For a quick sample turnaround and extended instrument life, Grabner Instruments developed fast thermoelectric regulation of heating and cooling.
- The FP Vision uses the latest double Peltier cooling technology for fastest cooling cycle times.
- The FPH Vision uses the patented cooling block technology and the latest generation of double Peltier elements to ensure fastest cooling cycle times.
- Automatic Ignition Cleaning Program
This method removes tenacious residuals from the ignition system.

• Maximum Safety
Ignition Protection Technology is intrinsic to the MINIFLASH design. Only 1-2 ml of samples are required for testing - without an open flame! The continuously closed cup design, automatic explosion probing and a controlled air feed protect against fire and offensive fumes. The automatic sample intake drawer ensures unmatched safety and highest comfort.

• Ease of Use
MINIFLASH FP Vision features intuitive menu navigation, no training is required. Hassle free communication with USB, LAN, LIMS and PC is assured.

• Access. Anywhere. Anytime.
MINIFLASH FP Vision supports COCKPIT™ Software. Lab managers can use the software to gather on-site measurements and statistics in a central database and bridge the gap between the lab and the field. With the COCKPIT™ SQC version, accuracy, precision and stability tests according to ASTM D6299 are also available.


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    Industry 4.0-ready flash point analyzer. MINIFLASH FP VISION is part of Grabner Instruments Vision analyzer family. The flash point tester MINIFLASH FP Vision combines the field-proven advantages of Grabner analyzers with a convenient touch-screen design. The Industry 4.0-ready instrument fully integrates ...

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