Fracturing System - Nuclear density meter for fracturing and cementing applications

Berthold offers radiometric density systems that are specifically designed for use in hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications. The systems are installed on blender trucks, high pressure lines, and cementing lines; providing an online measurement of PPA, PPG, density, specific gravity, or percent solids. In addition to their high repeatability, our fracturing systems stand out with their ruggedness in the face of mechanical shock and vibration, and for the low source activities required.

Berthold has supplied nuclear density meters to the fracturing industry for more than 10 years. During that time, we have learned that the fracturing environment is tougher than any other industry – we have learned how to address these special needs. Therefore, we offer a complete line of specialized products that exactly meet our customers‘ demands in the fracturing industry – no matter if a new system or a retrofitting solution is required. With more than 1.000 density systems installed on fracturing applications, we have proven our capability to provide the products, support, and service that this industry deserves.


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  • Density, concentration and solids content

    Non-contacting measurement technology made by Berthold. Berthold density measurement systems are used for the continuous process control on pipelines and in vessels. Density, concentration and solids content are determined in a non-contacting manner, without affecting the flow properties of the measured ...

  • Level Switch - Mini-Switch LB 471

    Application. The BERTHOLD level switch is used in all branches of industry, including the food industry. This measurement system is applicable where one or more alarm levels of liquids or bulk solids have to be monitored. In fact, the BERTHOLD level switch is suitable for installation on all types of ...

  • Continuous level - Non-contacting measurement

    Non-contacting measurement technology by Berthold. The level measurement technology by Berthold is used in a variety of industrial sectors – ranging from the chemical to the waste water industry. It is suitable for measuring ranges of just a few millimetres up to several metres. Applications are ...

  • Interface and Multiphase Level Measurement

    Radiometric measurements from Berthold. The radiometric measurement systems from Berthold are used to localize the interface layer between two phases. These systems are even used in more complex processes to measure the density profile and thereby picturing the heights of the different product layers ...

  • Interface measurement in desalters

    Interface measurements in desalters are often regarded as not being very critical, even though every drop of oil, to be refined, passes through the desalter. As refineries try to maximize their margins, so-called opportunity crudes are often used. These crude oils generally contain increased levels of ...

  • Optimal monitoring of separation processes

    Monitoring interfaces or multiple layers in process vessels poses some challenges for the measurement technologies. Where other measuring methods fail and cannot withstand extreme process conditions, radiometric measuring systems can provide reliable results. Berthold’s radiometric measurement systems ...

  • Level control in coking units

    You want to improve the utilization of the drum capacity? Due to the conditions in the coke drum, a level measurement is a very challenging task. Where other measuring technologies tend to fail or end up being extremely unreliable, Berthold‘s radiometric level technology is ideal for monitoring the ...

  • Measurement solutions for the refining industry

    You want to optimize your production throughput with increased safety and reliability? Berthold’s radiometric instruments for non-contacting level and density measurement are widely used in the global oil refining industry. With our measuring solutions based on gamma absorption we help our customers ...

  • InlineSENS - Density Measuring Cell

    Density and concentration measurement with low energy gamma radiation. The InlineSENS combines both a radiation source and scintillation detector in one device. Its use of low-energy gamma radiation from an Am-241 or Cm-244 source provides for strong responses to even the slightest change in product ...

  • LB 350 - Online Moisture Analyzer

    Radiometric moisture analyser for representative and robust measurements. On Bulk material. The LB 350 is a moisture measurement system for real-time determination of the moisture content of a wide variety of different bulk materials such as: ■ Coke ■ Sinter mixture ■ Ore ■ Sand ■ Building ...

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