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  • UOP, A Honeywell Company, changing the world one solution at a time

    Honeywell UOP processes have changed the world. Since the groundbreaking introduction of the Dubbs Process in 1914, Honeywell UOP’s engineers and chemists have excelled in turning laboratory science into industrial reality, establishing the foundation for today’s modern refining industry. UOP processes produce the gasoline that fuels our cars. The raw materials that ultimately become the clothes we wear are made using UOP technology. Manufacturers use UOP processes ...

  • Wet gas sulfuric acid - profitable sulfur management

    The WSA technology is an excellent alternative to the Claus technology for sulfur management within oil refining, coal gasification, gas sweetening etc. High steam production, feed flexibility, ease of operation, and low CAPEX & OPEX are some key benefits for the operator when selecting the WSA technology. Today we have +130 references world wide.

  • Advances in benzene derivatives production

    Xylene and ethylbenzene are important benzene derivatives. In this presentation, you will learn about recent advances in the production process and catalysts of xylene and ethylbenzene. Xylene production is one of the most important aromatic producing processes. You will learn the details of process technology introduction and catalyst features of aromatics transalkylation developed by Sinopec, as well as the process strategies of raw material expansion, Inferior feed tolerance, ...

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