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  • Commitment to high indsutrial performance

    The Krasnodar company SIE Neftehim, LLC is No. 1 in Russia in the field of catalytic processing of light naphtha for production of motor gasoline of ecological class K5/Euro-5 and high-purity chemical synthesis raw materials. It is the largest developer and manufacturer of isomerization and reforming catalysts in this country. In addition, Scientific Industrial Enterprise Neftehim is the creator of the well known and up-to-date isomerization technology of pentane-hexane fractions ...

  • Customized grading solutions for your feedstock

    Match your catalyst grading to your feedstock for minimum pressure drop build-up and maximum demetallization. As today’s opportunity crudes and heavier feedstocks become more economically viable, the oil fractions you refine are posing new challenges. Creating the optimal grading solution for your individual feedstock is essential to minimize pressure drop build-up, increase metals pick-up, and reduce downtime and catalyst replacement. An overlooked advantage The importance ...