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  • MECS® sulfuric acid and environmental technologies

    Is the leading provider of proprietary process technology, speciality products and technical services to the global sulfuric acid industry. MECS® has provided best-in-class sulfuric acid plant processes, clean technologies, and specialty products to a wide distribution of industries for over 80 years. Our proprietary solutions are engineered to perform and built to last. MECS® is the global leader in sulfuric acid plant design and technology licensing for the phosphate ...

  • ProTreat® mass transfer rate based simulation

    ProTreat - the only true mass and heat transfer rate-based simulator specifically for gas treating. ProTreat is the industry’s most advanced simulation tool for gas treating.  Because it is rigorously  mass-transfer  rate-based,  it  offers  the  ultimate in  accuracy,  reliability, and  truly predictive power. ProTreat offers  you unparalleled capabilities in design, plant optimization, and troubleshooting. A ProTreat ...

  • SRU solutions Dynawave® reverse jet scrubber

    Claus Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU) are found in various industries, such as refineries, natural gas processing plants, chemical plants, and coal gasification facilities. The Claus process is widely used to recover sulfur from HS containing gas streams. However, a Claus SRU can typically recover only 95 – 98% of the sulfur present. Many times, Tail Gas Treatment Units (TGTU) are installed downstream of a Claus SRU to increase the overall sulfur recovery to 99.0 – 99.9% ...

  • Sulphur Recovery - SUPERCLAUS® / Caustic Scrubber Process

    Applications: Selection of an appropriate and cost-effective Tail Gas Treatment process to follow existing Claus plants is a challenge facing refiners and natural gas plant owners around the world. New emission regulations, interest in increasing sulphur recovery and processing of higher sulphur crudes are the main drivers. The most common approach is to install an amine-based Tail Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU), however, lower investment costs and higher reliability can be achieved ...

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