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  • Caustic services

    For 65 years, Merichem has provided environmentally responsible handling of spent caustics and other secondary materials that result from refining, natural gas and petrochemical processing. Merichem Caustic Management Services safely transports your secondary materials to Merichem manufacturing facilities – as feedstocks for chemical manufacturing or as process chemicals to other end-users. We handle spent streams as non-waste activity, reducing your reportable wastes. Why ...

  • Caustic tower revamp

    A customer contacted Sulzer to increase capacity while improving the CO2 removal in the existing CO2 absorption column of their ethylene plant. This was the third revamp for this particular column and continued improvements can be hard to find. A proper caustic tower design requires a proper understanding of CO2 absorption with caustic. CO2 + 2NaOH Na2CO3 + H2O Sulzer replaced the conventional random packing with NeXRing and modified the operating parameters to match the ...

  • FIBER FILM - Non-dispersive hydrocarbon treating

    Introduced in 1974, the FIBER FILM® Contactor is the foundation for a variety of caustic, amine and acid treating processes. Merichem processes using FIBER FILM Contactors have been licensed worldwide and successfully applied to treating problems throughout the hydrocarbon processing industries. One of the most common applications of FIBER FILM Contactor technology is in caustic treatment, an essential part of hydrocarbon processing for impurity removal. Merichem’s FIBER ...

  • NAPFINING™ Naphthenic acid removal

    NAPFINING™ technologies were first licensed in 1977 and to date Merichem has granted 78 unit operating licenses world-wide. The non-dispersive FIBER FILM® Contactor achieves reduced capital expenditure and less plant space requirements compared to most treating alternatives, making NAPFINING™ and NAPFINING™ HiTAN the technologies-of-choice. In addition, onstream factor between routine turnarounds is 100% whereas electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) are much ...

  • ProTreat® mass transfer rate based simulation

    ProTreat - the only true mass and heat transfer rate-based simulator specifically for gas treating. ProTreat is the industry’s most advanced simulation tool for gas treating.  Because it is rigorously  mass-transfer  rate-based,  it  offers  the  ultimate in  accuracy,  reliability, and  truly predictive power. ProTreat offers  you unparalleled capabilities in design, plant optimization, and troubleshooting. A ProTreat ...

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