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  • Hyperion™

    Bulk level and density measurement. Designed using innovative scintillator-based technology, Hyperion™ is a non-contact, no moving parts measurement solution that provides accurate and extremely reliable bulk level and density measurements. This enables operators in the oil, gas, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper and mining industries to solve the most challenging process measurement and control problems. Key features • Self-diagnostics • Repeatable and accurate ...

  • John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Corporate Fact Sheet

    Our customers produce the world’s energy, chemicals, and plastics, and eliminate harmful emissions from the air, water, and soil. We help them operate in a cleaner, safer and more economical way. Leadership Like No Other John Zink Hamworthy Combustion (JZHC) is a global leader in emissions-control and clean-air combustion systems. We back every product with decades of proven performance, unrivalled research and development capabilities, and expert service and support. Our ...

  • John Zink Hamworthy Combustion equipment rentals

    Everything You Need When You Need It Most. When the unexpected arises, you want immediate solutions, fast. John Zink Hamworthy Combustion offers the engineering and technical support, expert installation, and a wide variety of combustion rental equipment to get your operation back online. Our portable combustion systems are ideal for temporary vapor control at loading terminals, tank degassing and pipeline blowdown applications. We also maintain a large inventory of flare equipment ...

  • John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Preventative Maintenance Program

    Optimize Performance, Minimize Downtime. A regularly scheduled and properly performed Preventative Maintenance (PM) program, we can help you reduce unplanned downtime, avoid possible emergency callouts, ensure maximum availability of your equipment and extend equipment life under optimum process conditions. Our program goal is to provide you with the maximum possible service life and performance from your equipment. Our technicians are trained in the operation of all combustion ...

  • OPTIMAX® Heat Exchanger helps achieve a more efficient CAPEX

    Watlow has over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing heat exchangers, and we have the knowledge, experience and expertise required to create optimal heating solutions. Watlow has taken the tried and true, critical design criteria and improved it to create a new generation heating technology – the OPTIMAX® Heat Exchanger. Watlow’s new OPTIMAX technology combines optimal fluid dynamics, efficient heat transfer, low pressure drop and a compact and ...

  • Optimise your alkylation process and take control with the Profiler™ TGA

    The Challenge. Alkylation processes present some of the more challenging applications for interface measurement and control in refinery operations. It is important for the operator to have confidence in the process to optimise alkylate production, while ensuring safe operation and environmental compliance. In a settler, not knowing the levels of hydrocarbon, emulsion and alkylate with confidence can cause problems, including increased polymer formation and combined fluorides, ...

  • PI System™: The inside secret of IOT in Oil & Gas

    OSIsoft’s PI System gives Oil & Gas engineers real-time insight into operations to reduce cost, improve safety and reliability, and enable data-based decisions for long-term strategic success.The PI System captures data from sensors, meters, SCADA, DCS, and other devices and transforms it into rich, real-time insights that Oil & Gas engineers, executives, and partners can use to reduce costs, dramatically improve overall productivity, and create new connected services ...

  • The potential of Carbon Capture for refining

    This post will assess the importance of Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) technologies for Refiners. It will look at current CCUS projects in Europe and explore the potential challenges and opportunities that downstream players will face when trying to implement CCUS technologies into their operations. Considering the impact of multiple challenges, this post will show the importance of associations, regulatory frameworks and cross-industry collaboration as vital ...

  • Tracerco™ Level System

    Bulk level measurement. Developed to comply with the latest functional safety standards, the SIL2 certified TracercoTM level system delivers extremely reliable bulk level measurements, regardless of process conditions. Its external modular design, with no moving parts, provides measurement redundancy, as well as the ability to offer consistent, accurate level measurement. This offers operators process optimisation, leading to improved product quality and reduced process issues. Key ...

  • Wet gas sulfuric acid - profitable sulfur management

    The WSA technology is an excellent alternative to the Claus technology for sulfur management within oil refining, coal gasification, gas sweetening etc. High steam production, feed flexibility, ease of operation, and low CAPEX & OPEX are some key benefits for the operator when selecting the WSA technology. Today we have +130 references world wide.

  • Towards Your Low-Carbon Refinery

    This On-Demand webcast from Shell Catalysts & Technologies, discusses proven technologies for capturing CO2 from both low and high-pressure streams.  Are You…  • Under pressure to reduce your carbon footprint?  • Looking for ways to cost-effectively reduce your CO2 emissions?  • Unsure which carbon-reduction solutions will be most appropriate for your facility? Any serious ambitions to reduce a facility’s carbon intensity are likely to ...

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