Number: 5


  • Crystaphase, there is no magic behind reactor performance

    It’s not magic. It’s science. Hydroprocessors know the wall that lies between them and peak reactor performance. Fouling, pressure drop, precipitation, agglomeration, polymerization, and catalyst deactivation, these obstacles build up, block by block. We help you break through that wall, clearing your path to performance. With highly specialized expertise and unique, industry-proven solutions, Crystaphase has helped refiners all over the world achieve unprecedented ...

  • Customized grading solutions for your feedstock

    Match your catalyst grading to your feedstock for minimum pressure drop build-up and maximum demetallization. As today’s opportunity crudes and heavier feedstocks become more economically viable, the oil fractions you refine are posing new challenges. Creating the optimal grading solution for your individual feedstock is essential to minimize pressure drop build-up, increase metals pick-up, and reduce downtime and catalyst replacement. An overlooked advantage The importance ...

  • DuraTop® und DuraFlow – Inert Covering Material and Pressure Drop-Reducer

    DuraTop® and DuraFlow are used for the covering of catalyst and catalyst carriers (Duranit® inert balls) and are applied to the upper ball layers. In addition, it is possible to apply the two Pressure Drop-Reducer at different levels of the catalyst support bed or even to replace the upper spherical layers in an energy-saving manner. DuraTop® and DuraFlow are of course available in different sizes. In addition these products offer the following advantages: • Good pre-distribution ...

  • Maximize the value of your naphtha feedstocks and downstream processes

    New solutions for changing needs Lighten the burden of heavy feedstocks with Topsoe catalysts, process designs and technologies. If your refinery is like most, you’re under pressure to squeeze more value out of heavier feedstocks, and this presents new challenges for catalysts. To name just one example, increasing use of coker feedstocks has led to higher silica and nitrogen levels in the naphtha streams, requiring catalysts with superior HDN activity and greater surface ...

  • VSP®-V High performance tower packing with lowest pressure drop

    The VSP-V is the updated version of VFF’s world wide known random packing VSP. The VSP-V offers high performance in plastic with top mass transfer and lowest pressure drop and is easy to handle during column loading and emptying.