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New vectorWall results released

Field results from new installations of new mixing checkerwalls in dozens of reaction furnaces indicate very significant cost-savings improvements through operating efficiencies. The new hexagonally shaped units (known as VectorWalls, TM) are designed to create improvements in the flow and mix of process gases, thereby lowering not only operating cost, but also capital expenditures by reducing the reactor vessel footprint in the new construction of sulfur acid and other chemical process plants.  Over three years of operating data support this achievement.  

Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc’s. first installation was initiated in 2009, and has operated with favorable results on a continual basis.  Since then, dozens more VectorWalls have successfully be installed and have received universally positive feedback from the field.   

One user’s written performance experience read, “The Blasch VectorWallTM checker wall replacement has worked beyond our expectation. Improved combustion gas mixing has eliminated un-oxidized gas component carryover at reduced excess O2 (excess combustion air) and allowed a 50% increase in plant capacity. Thank you and Blasch for your efforts to make this work for our application. I know our engineers will be looking for Blasch VectorWalls in new installations and may also be looking to retrofitting some existing operations if the installation continues to show good structural stability and service life.”  

That installation has in fact shown good structural stability and service life and that company is in the process of retrofitting all of their other existing plants with the VectorWallTM.  

Further, since that time, an agreement has been struck with DuPont MECS to include these walls in sulfuric acid applications, “This agreement enables us to bring more comprehensive and innovative process solutions to the sulfuric acid marketplace,” said Frank Battino, global business leader, Clean Technologies, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Our customers will benefit from the shared expertise of MECS® and Blasch in one of the most challenging process environments.”  

Additional reaction furnace combustion processes are under investigation currently.

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