Blasch Precision Ceramics sign co-marketing agreement with BD Energy Systems

Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with BD Energy Systems, LLC of Houston, Texas granting exclusive rights to market and sell the Blasch StaBlox™ Reformer Flue Gas Tunnel System into ammonia and methanol synthesis gas production facilities worldwide.
With this agreement, the two companies will collaborate on advancing their innovative technologies and strategically addressing global market opportunities. Together, Blasch’s patented StaBlox and BD Energy’s patent-pending Tunnel Optimal Performance (TOP) flow controlling tunnel technology offers a significantly improved and differentiating technology to the market as compared to traditional solutions. Additionally, the solution provides significant process improvement, much faster and simpler installation, and a more robust, mortar-free structural tunnel system to plant operators. Recent installations have substantiated the value proposition, and market demand has been steadily increasing.
“The signing of this agreement is a critically important and positive development in the early life-cycle of the StaBlox product line,” commented Jack Parrish, President and CEO of Blasch Precision Ceramics. “Blasch and BD Energy Systems are very bullish on the power of our combined technologies, and our ability to grow our market share exponentially, especially based on our very positive recent installation successes, and the early performance indicators of the StaBlox/TOP technology.”
“I am confident that the strategic alignment of our two companies and the synergy of these two technologies will be seen in the coming years as market-defining in taking the process performance, operation and reliability of steam methane reformers to the next level,” stated Andy Castell, President of BD Energy Systems. “We are all excited to bring the benefits from these combined technologies to the global Syngas industry.”

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