From hydrogen production to sulphur recovery - let ceramics pave the way

On Wednesday 10 October 2018, learn how to boost the reliability and performance of your hydrogen production and sulphur recovery plants through the deployment of Blasch’s proven ceramic systems.

Benefits include:
- Higher plant reliability and much longer run-lengths
- 60 -90% faster installation times
- Capacity increase
- Annual energy savings of several hundred thousand dollars for SRUs
- Lower emissions

Flue gas tunnels in Steam Methane Reformers warp and fail causing non uniform flow and costly catalyst tube failures. In Sulphur Recovery Units, checker walls or choke rings in the reaction furnace collapse causing contaminant breakthroughs, downstream pressure buildup and catalyst poisoning. All of this results in more frequent and costly turnarounds and loss of precious production. See how these problems can be eliminated with Blasch’s innovative technologies.
This webinar will illustrate the design and technologies underpinning these robust solutions, followed by examples from a variety of case studies demonstrating the benefits from deployment of these systems worldwide. The 45-minute presentation will be followed by a live 15-minute Q&A.

Uday Parekh, Senior Global Director, Energy and Chemicals

Moderator: Ken Molay

You can view the OnDemand Webinar HERE

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