Albemarle and DuPont announce collaboration in Hydroprocessing

Albemarle Corporation, a leader in the global specialty chemicals industry, announced today that it is the primary hydroprocessing catalyst manufacturer for the DuPont™ IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology, making clean fuels production more cost efficient for refiners. IsoTherming® is an innovative hydroprocessing technology that can lower capital and operational costs.

Albemarle and DuPont announce their exclusive collaboration in licensing the IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology and providing aftermarket products and services.

"We are excited to collaborate with DuPont in supporting the IsoTherming® technology," said Annemie Donkers, VP Clean Fuels Technologies at Albemarle. "We look forward to further development of our IsoTherming® catalyst application know-how with DuPont, to meet our clients' most challenging process conditions."

Eli Ben-Shoshan, Global Business Leader, DuPont Clean Technologies, adds, "Albemarle is a trusted catalyst manufacturer in the industry which is why we pursued a partnership with them.  Together, we offer the global refining and mid-stream industries unique IsoTherming® solutions for hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking backed by solid hydroprocessing expertise and cutting-edge innovation."


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