ERTC 2019 agenda at a glance

After our advisory board meeting in March, we learnt about the pressing challenges and opportunities to be discussed at November’s ERTC.
Whilst we allocate the successful Call for Paper abstracts to the 2019 agenda, we thought we would share our Agenda-At-A-Glance to give you a flavour of topics and structure for ERTC in November.
Here are the topics and new sessions created to look out for in 2019:
An increased focus on downstream’s role in the energy transition and the impact of the increase circular economy.
* [NEW] Sustainability Keynote: Redefining Growth in the 21st Century.
* [NEW] Future Refinery Debate: This house believes that refineries must move away from producing liquid hydrocarbons to remain competitive in the energy transition.
* [NEW] Stream Topic: Clean Fuels, Biofuels & Alternative Fuel Production.
* [NEW] Borealis Keynote: Moving away from Single-Use Plastics.
Embracing change: gaining a greater understanding of upcoming regulations and disruptive technologies.
* [NEW] In-focus Workshop Day where we have extended regulatory and digitalisation workshops looking at IMO, REDII, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
* [NEW] Electric Vehicles Keynote and Q&A with Audience: The Batteries Are Coming.

Download the Agenda at a Glance HERE.

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We hope this whets the appetite of what is to come,

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