Neste Engineering Solutions updates its NAPCON product family

Neste Engineering Solutions has published a new 8.5 version of its NAPCON software. The renewed version has new software features in all NAPCON product categories: Train, Improve and Understand. In addition, the release also has improved games and new products such as the Lite Operator Training.

‘“With our new NAPCON Solutions 8.5 software versions, customer experience will be even better than before. In addition, the new 8.5 version will help to improve the knowhow and competencies of our customers’ operators,“ says Jyri Lindholm, Head of Product Management, NAPCON. "We have a deep understanding of digitalization in the process industry and as a trusted partner, we want to help our customers’ on their digitalization journey and get more out from their processes.”

All three product categories, Train, Improve and Understand, have been updated as follows:

Train category: the most complete ever

The NAPCON Train category covers the whole learning path for process operators and engineers. This category has major updates in the NAPCON Simulator (Operator Training Simulator) as well as NAPCON Games. For example, the NAPCON Simulator has launched its first cloud training simulator further strengthening its flexibility and availability. The NAPCON Games portfolio has gained new Heat Transfer, Condensation and Boiling Games alongside the existing Distillation and Furnace Games. All games now include several new tutorials as well as different difficulty level missions.

Improve category: enhanced user experience

The NAPCON Improve category includes a production optimization solution, NAPCON Controller, and a plant-wide optimization solution, NAPCON Optimizer. They are platform independent optimization packages. The new release enhances the user experience both for engineers configuring and maintaining optimization application as well as for process operators utilizing the digital optimization tools around the clock.

Understand category: vendor independent solutions

The NAPCON Informer’s new cloud connectivity unites NAPCON Informer data management to most prevalent cloud vendor’s (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform) environments. The Improved Information manager, trend visualizations as well as user management and authentication make on-site usage easy and productive. In addition, the NAPCON Analytics has now solid packages for KPI Dashboards, Industrial Reporting and Advanced Process Calculations. For example, the new KPI Dashboards enable fact-based real time operational decision-making for process operators and plant management. Together with new Industrial Reporting, it is all that is needed for forming exact plant situational awareness.

Together with the new version 8.5, NAPCON is introducing its services in the category brochures. NAPCON Services consist of lifecycle service model which stretches from performance consulting to maintenance services.


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