How turbocompressors drive and safeguard downstream plant operations

This webinar reaches out to end users in the hydrocarbon industry who face the challenge of achieving operational availability, equipment reliability, and efficiency in their plants. These factors are crucial for end users, with many complex and intricate processes operating in parallel. Compression technology drives and safeguards many of these processes.

Presenter Ulrich Schmitz will put particular focus on different chemical/petrochemical and refinery, syngas, and LNG applications. He will draw from cases in the field while discussing how centrifugal compression technologies such as integrally geared can be designed and employed reliably to perform the key process challenges of the industry while also contributing to an efficient operation.

The presentation will also address big-picture challenges for the hydrocarbon sector — and opportunities arising in form of emerging markets.

Ulrich Schmitz
Atlas Copco Gas and Process

Ken Molay

You can watch the On Demand version HERE

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