Enabling circularity via plastics chemical recycling

(Webinar) - Chemical recycling of plastics is an emerging route to supplement mechanical recycling since polymers can be converted into monomer form.  As opposed to mechanical recycling, wherein the polymer properties degrade with each cycle, the monomers can be re-polymerized without any polymer property degradation. Petrochemical and refining operations of the future will include more plastics oil, obtained from chemical recycling, in the feedstock mix to establish circularity in the plastics lifecycle or to qualify for fuels category. An important step in this value chain is to purify and upgrade the raw plastics oil obtained from depolymerization. This webinar will address this topic with special focus in the areas of mixed plastics and polystyrene chemical recycling.  

In this webinar you will learn about:
•  The environmental necessity of recycling plastics.
•  Sulzer Chemtech’s portfolio in plastics recycling.
•  SuRe™ Styrene – Sulzer Chemtech’s GTC licensed technology to upgrade pyrolysis crude styrene, obtained from waste PS to ultra-high purity (>99.95wt%) styrene monomer.
•  Purification and upgradation of pyrolysis oil obtained from mixed plastics or tires for downstream applications for e.g., naphtha cracker feedstock, fuels category, etc.

Rahul Khandelwal
Business Segment Leader
Sulzer GTC Technology

Ken Molay

You can watch the On Demand version HERE

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