Sabin Metal Corporation announces the adoption of a new brand identity and website

Sabin Metal Corporation announces the adoption of a new brand identity, including a new logo, brand elements, typography as well as the creation of a new website. The launch of our website provides a trusted resource for best practices and detailed information on our services to our clients and partners. As the precious metals industries face new challenges and opportunities, Sabin Metal Corporation is leading the way. This is a major milestone for Sabin Metal Corp on its mission to extract the maximum possible value from industrial byproducts and waste through efficient and sustainable practices, returning precious metals back to society to help meet the demand for these important resources.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

-  Expanded our PGM refinery to produce more platinum and palladium per month than ever before. If Sabin Metal were a platinum mine, we’d be the 6th largest in the world.

- Completed construction, certification, and launch of our third kiln for catalyst processing.

To learn more about us and see the brand and website updates, please click HERE

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