Sulzer Chemtech’s crystallization technology helps drive DSI’s growth

Sulzer Chemtech is providing process engineering and key equipment for the expansion of PT. Dongsuh Indonesia (DSI) naphthalene downstream sector. The delivery of an advanced separation unit to DSI’s plant in Serang, Indonesia, will enable the production of high purity naphthalene that can be used that can be used for applications with stringent quality requirements.

DSI’s facility in Serang processes naphthalene from coal tar to deliver the valuable chemicals. To this end, the plant has been producing naphthalene related products.

In order to increase the purity level of its raw materials and end products as well as serving the broader downstream sector, the company selected Sulzer Chemtech’s proven falling film crystallization technology. This is currently used by leading naphthalene producers and processors worldwide, enabling them to deliver high quality aromatics.

Prior to the delivery of the purification unit, Sulzer Chemtech completed extensive feasibility and pilot testing ahead of its basic engineering package. This helped ensure DSI to produce different concentrations, including levels of up to 99.9 wt% at an overall production capacity of 7’000 metric tons per annum.

Song Ho Kim, President of DSI, says: “We are extremely happy with the collaboration established with Sulzer Chemtech. Their solution for crystallizing naphthalene is a leader in the market, so when looking at advancing our offering, we were confident we should invest in this technology. The flexibility of our operations will also be improved, helping us address different market needs while optimizing operational expenses and profitability. We look forward to installing the unit and beginning our first-grade naphthalene operations shortly.”

Etienne Rigaut, Head of Crystallization at Sulzer Chemtech, adds: “For decades, we have been supporting the most challenging separation processes with state-of-the-art crystallization equipment. Thanks to our extensive expertise, combined with testing and engineering capabilities, we have been able to deliver a customized unit that will help DSI enhance its competitiveness in the marketplace. We strive to support our customers and the entire sector with cutting-edge technologies.”


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