Sulzer Chemtech licensed technologies surges in North America

A rapidly growing number of oil and gas processing facilities across North America is leveraging Sulzer Chemtech’s licensed solutions to enable major boosts in sustainability and productivity. This surge in demand highlights the pivotal role and acceptance of the company’s advanced technologies in driving efficiency and profitability.

As part of its most recent collaboration, the global leader in separation and mixing technology is implementing an integrated setup on the Gulf Coast, U.S., that reduces emissions and energy usage while maximizing the ability to extract valuable refinery products.

Sulzer Chemtech offers a comprehensive range of licensed technologies, such as GT-LPGMax™, GT-BTX™ and GT-BTX Plus™, that are designed to efficiently recover large volumes of valuable, high-purity refinery products. This diverse portfolio is strengthening Sulzer Chemtech’s role as a preferred partner for processors looking at addressing current market demand for more sustainable products and practices while improving profitability and competitiveness.

In its latest project, Sulzer Chemtech is helping a leading U.S. refinery debottleneck its saturated gas plant while improving the recovery of propane and isobutane and reducing the cost of consumables.  The resulting products can either be used to improve the feed to the refinery’s alkylation unit, further reducing costs, or sold on the open market, enhancing current revenue streams.

To address these goals while reducing energy use and manufacturing footprint, the new process configuration combines Sulzer Chemtech’s GT-LPG Max technology for the extraction of high-purity liquified petroleum gas (LPG) with its divided wall column (DWC) design. These two solutions optimize the separation of multiple components, reducing the need for a series of fractionation columns.

Matthew Viergutz, Global Head of Clean Fuels and Chemical Licensing at Sulzer Chemtech, says: “We are delighted to witness this exponential growth in demand for our licensed technologies in North America. The interest in our solutions from regional industry players is a testament to Sulzer Chemtech’s ability to find creative ways to solve the challenges that refiners are facing. We look forward to continuing to support customers across North America and beyond as they embrace our technologies to achieve their goals."


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