Neles Eurohub concept ensures fast and reliable delivery of standard products for channel partners in Europe

Neles is introducing Neles™ Eurohub, a centralized warehouse and logistics concept catering to the needs of its European channel partners. The new concept enables fast and reliable delivery of off-the-shelf Neles products and parts from a conveniently located hub. Eurohub opens with a wide selection of valve automation products, as well as selected valve types.

“Availability is key for our channel partners. With the new Eurohub concept, we can now offer them additional flexibility through our stock — and just a few hours away from their warehouse,” says Kalle Suurpää, Executive Vice President of Valve Controls and Actuators business line at Neles.

“Our start with Eurohub has been promising, and customer feedback on delivery times, for instance, has been very positive,” Suurpää adds.

“We have had a great experience with Eurohub. The off-the-shelf offering fits our needs well, and we have received the ordered products fast,” says Christian Göttgens, Managing Director of Göttgens GmbH.
Ensured availability with short delivery times all across the continent
Eurohub ensures continuous access to a selection of standard Neles products and parts. European channel partners can order a range of simpler off-the-shelf products that do not require advanced engineering or customization. In addition, Eurohub shares responsibility for the storage of standard products; the savings for partners come from not having to store a large range of products.

Shipments are dispatched within 24 hours of ordering. Delivery times range from same-day delivery to a maximum of 1.5 weeks to the farther reaches of Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, or Russia.


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