Striking the right balance between reliability and innovation

Typically, one of the first questions we get asked relates to reliability. In our industry, just like in the fields where our customers operate, reliability is one of the key factors that can never be ignored or underestimated. This is why we will only ever bring to market products that are based on our field-proven technologies and decades of experience. We also make sure each product has undergone the most rigorous testing at one of our many state-of-the-art test labs.

At the same time as proven reliability, industrial processes are also always evolving and developing. Our valve products need to reach that balance between proven and predictable, and fresh and innovative. New subtle design features and material developments for example, can help meet the latest standards and customer specifications without compromising reliability. This is where we at Valmet are at our very best.
Long-term sustainable performance

But neither reliability nor innovation mean anything if we can’t ensure the longevity or sustainability of the products we deliver. Being future-proof means delivering reliable technologies that will maintain optimum performance for an extended period. It also means being able to ensure sustainable environmental performance across a valve’s entire life. We build valves that are fire safe and virtually emission-free. The same applies to the Neles 6D ball valve. These factors make the 6D valve a great fit for many of our customers in the growing renewable energy industry, and many other new applications.

The customer experience and experience of ownership doesn’t end at delivery and installation. It spans the entire lifetime of the products. And so does our service presence. The Neles 6D ball valve comes backed up by a strong global aftermarket presence. We offer our customers support across the delivered solutions entire life. And again, service is not just about a pair of helping hands in this case. Our wealth of installed base data and up-to-date information helps to make work easy and efficient when it comes to daily asset management.

New dimensions in ball valve performance
We have made sure that we can now meet all our customers’ API 6D -certified ball valve needs across the entire sizing spectrum with products that deliver a peaceful and performance-driven experience of ownership over solution life. Ultimately, the Neles 6D delivers new dimensions to ball valve performance.

Durai Ragavendran, Product manager, Ball valves


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