The progress of SAF solutions for the Decarbonisation of aviation

As the world increasingly commits to steeper decarbonization targets, the aviation industry is determined to develop sustainable solutions to produce cost-competitive, high-yield jet fuel with minimal environmental impact.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that the 2024 production volume of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) will triple from 2023 levels – soaring to 1.5 million tonnes. This is in line with larger SAF production trends, as 2023 levels doubled from those in 2022.

In this webinar, we will outline the current trends and challenges facing the SAF production and aviation industries, then highlight PAC’s available SAF testing solutions.

Edmund Woo
Group Product Manager, Flow Behavior, Research & Development

Nicole Lock
Group Product Manager, Molecular & Atomic Analysis

Gordon Chiu
Product Manager, Renewable Fuels

Connor Douglas
Head of Product, Process Analytics

- You can view the On-Demand Webinar Here


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