Stamicarbon awarded process design package to reduce energy consumption of a dual-line urea plant in China

Stamicarbon, the nitrogen technology licensor of the MAIRE engineering group, will deliver a Process Design Package for Qinghai Yuntianhua International Fertilizer Co., Ltd. to revamp its dual-line urea plant in Qinghai Province, China. The urea plant is comprised of two identical lines, each with a capacity of 1212 MTPD, utilizing prilling as finishing technology. The proposed revamp design will be implemented in both lines simultaneously.

The revamp will enable the customer to significantly lower steam utilization and achieve optimal use of feedstock, reducing their current energy consumption by over 25%. The energy saving will be realized by applying Stamicarbon’s MP Flash Design, part of the EVOLVE EnergyTM series <https://www.stamicarbon.com/our-business/stami-urea/evolve> , which utilizes an additional medium-pressure recirculation section, allowing the plant to maximize its energy savings without modifications to existing high-pressure equipment.

"Optimizing the energy consumption of a urea plant is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it is crucial to meet the local fertilizer demand but to do so responsibly, with reduced environmental impact. This award in a very competitive market proves the value of solutions offered by Stamicarbon in sustainable fertilizer technologies," says Pejman Djavdan, Stamicarbon CEO.


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