Number: 14


  • Autoclave lining repair at a copper facility

    In this audio case study, we discuss the application of Weld Metal Overlay in an African copper facility, detailing its impact on reducing corrosion, minimizing maintenance downtime, and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Ethylene cracking furnace hot spot repair online

    In this audio case study, we discuss a situation at a Gulf Coast chemical plant where an ethylene furnace encountered a hot spot challenge, requiring prompt action.

  • Furnace hot spot repair in the live tail gas Incinerator saves $156M

    In this audio case study, learn how IGS's Hot Refractory Repair prevented a potential $156 million shutdown cost for a Central Asian oil and gas producer. It also highlighted the crucial role of proactive maintenance in sustaining uninterrupted energy production.

  • Hydrotreater efficiency increase during turnaround

    A refinery faced a challenge during a turnaround project in 2022, aiming to enhance hydrotreater efficiency with a unique convection section configuration dedicated solely to boiler feed water heating, lacking process coils. This setup presented an opportunity to maximize processing efficiency ...

  • Larry Emch from IGS: Energy efficiency in furnaces

    In this episode, Larry Emch, IGS Furnace Efficiency Specialist, shares the story of a site tackling excessive fuel usage and high emissions in their Steam Methane Reformer.

  • Managing wash beds

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how our ThruVision™ technology can improve your wash bed efficiency, avoid unnecessary shutdowns and prevent a premature end of the unit’s run cycle, saving you a significant amount of money.

  • Overcoming severe refractory failure in a Saudi Arabian refinery

    Today, we'll delve into the case study of how IGS significantly helped improve the operational efficiency of a Saudi Arabian Refinery by addressing a critical refractory failure. Our focus today centers on the innovative Hot-Tek Refractory repair services, implemented while the unit was ...

  • Packed bed performance analytics

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how Tracerco’s Tru-Grid™ Scan and PackView™ technologies can provide critical insights to verify mechanical placement of internals, as well as quantify liquid distribution and packing retention characteristics in a packed bed tower which can aid ...

  • Pre-turnaround scans in critical path

    Listen to our podcast to learn more about how insights from our Tru-Scan™ and Tru-Grid™ Scan technology can help you make more informed decisions about your operations.

  • SS chloride stress corrosion cracking in critical process assets

    In this episode of the Efficiency and Reliability Podcast, we delve into how, in 2013, IGS was assigned a significant task: addressing Corrosion Under Insulation (CSCC) in six critical process vessels situated offshore in the Arabian Sea. These vessels, consisting of four discharge drums ...

  • Successful revamp of a 40-year-old steam-methane reformer furnace

    This episode examines a successful application of Cetek high emissivity coating to the radiant section of an SMR reformer which was experiencing excessive fuel firing.

  • Sulfolane corrosion prevention with on-site alloy upgrade during turnaround

    In this audio case study, we discuss the corrosion challenges within a sulfolane unit, showing why it's important for proactive maintenance strategies to safeguard operations and reinforce commitments to process safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

  • Troubleshooting premature tower flooding

    Listen to our podcast as we discuss how real-time diagnostic data can provide significant insight to troubleshoot tower performance issues, reduce tower outages and downtime, plan and save money for up and coming turnarounds and optimise your towers performance.

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