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  • Separator technology reduces refinery operating costs and downtime

    A US refining company contacted us to discuss a separation problem in the feed to an alkylation process. Caustic entrainment from their selective hydrogenation unit was poisoning the hydrofluoric acid catalyst in the alkylation unit. The continuous phase feed to the alkylation unit consisted ...

  • Safeguard packed column efficiency with proper liquid distribution

    Initial liquid distribution directly affects the efficiency of structured and random packing beds. As such, some form of flow test should be conducted to validate distributor performance prior to column startup. Steady state water flow testing is the most common method of testing distributors. ...

  • Polymer production technology

    Sulzer Chemtech is the world‘s most renowned supplier of equipment and related solutions in the field of static mixing. The combination of engineering expertise and many years of application know-how enables Sulzer Chemtech to provide global solutions for improved polymer product ...

  • Tower field service, maintenance, revamps and installation

    Worldwide maintenance and installation services. Since 1971, Tower Field Service (TFS) has been a tower specialist performing tray and packing installation, tower maintenance, and plant turnaround projects. Years of successful tower and vessel experience assures our customers of a partner ...

  • Suspension crystallization technology

    Suspension crystallization technology completes Sulzer‘s existing portfolio of melt crystallization technology consisting of falling film and static crystallization. Based upon careful evaluation of the technologies, our clients can be sure to receive the ideal process for their ...