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  • Altrium®

    Innovative BASF FCC Resid Catalyst improves margin by up to 0.60 $/bbl and allows for a flexible operation. Altrium® is the newest BASF catalyst based on the combined technologies AIM (Advanced Innovative Matrix) and IZY (Improved Zeolite-Y).

    Due to changes in market environment, ...

  • Fourtune™

    Next generation Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Performance for butylenes maximization over propylene Fourtune™ delivers highest butylenes yields and $0.30/bbl profitability improvement.

    Alkylate produced from butylenes offers a high value gasoline blendstock. FCC units ...

  • Fourte®

    Innovative Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst for butylenes maximization. Fourte delivers higher butylenes yields for a $0.68 / bbl profitability improvement. A Gasoil FCC unit desired more butylenes to fill its alkylation unit. Other objectives were to improve delta coke, straight run ...

  • Converter®: FCC co-catalyst for activity enhancement

    BASF produces Converter, a co-catalyst designed to boost FCC conversion. Premium Technology. Based on BASF’s commercially proven Distributed Matrix Structures™ (DMS) technology, Converter delivers activity enhancement with the added benefit of coke-selective bottoms upgrading.

    Maximum ...

  • NaphthaClean

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology for reducing gasoline sulfur. BASF proudly introduces NaphthaClean, an FCC catalyst technology designed for the reduction of FCC gasoline sulfur content. Based on the combination of our award-winning and commercially proven Distributed Matrix ...