Atlas Copco Energas

Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division
Schlehenweg 15
50999 Cologne

Tel : +49 2236 9650 0

Number: 2


  • Atlas Copco Solutions for a Greener Planet

    Atlas Copco Solutions for a Greener Planet

    At Atlas Copco Gas and Process, we believe the quest for a more sustainable tomorrow begins today, with small yet significant initiatives like Cut the Carbon. Leveraging our experience and our passion for technological ingenuity, we continue to engineer turbomachinery solutions that ...

  • Innovating for a sustainable future

    Innovating for a sustainable future

    Industrial ideas drive development and improve quality of life for people everywhere. Our compressors, vacuum systems, industrial tools, and power solutions run on less energy, reduce emissions and improve safety and ergonomics. This is our way of making a difference. Meet four of the ...

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