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  • XRG Technologies - Corporate Video

    XRG Technologies - Corporate Video

    Companies who are thinking long-term are partnering with engineering experts to develop flexible equipment that doesn’t just meet today’s requirements, but is designed with future environmental goals in mind. As the world fights climate change, our goal here at XRG is to be that ...

  • Xceed™ by XRG Technologies

    Xceed™ by XRG Technologies

    Fired heaters in refineries and petrochemical plants emit millions of tons of CO2 & NOx every year. Lowering those emissions often causes flame quality issues which can reduce the coil life, run lengths, and capacity of your heater.

    Built on 30 years of research, XRG developed ...

  • Large crude heater revamp by XRG Technologies

    Large crude heater revamp by XRG Technologies

    A large crude heater in The Netherlands suffered from reliability, fouling and capacity problems caused by flame impingement. In addition to eliminating this bottleneck, the client wanted to increase heater throughput by 29% and increase fuel efficiency to at least 90%.  XRG evaluated ...

  • Xtend™ by XRG Technologies

    Xtend™ by XRG Technologies

    The unique design of Xtend™ causes the flow to swirl inside the tube, increasing the amount of heat transferred. This generates more swirl with less pressure drop compared to a conventional twisted tape. The swirling flow: Cools the film on the tube wall Removes coke precursors from ...

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