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  • High Velocity Thermal Spray (HV TS) Advantages

    With experience from hundreds of projects, not only in the power industry but also in other highly EHS sensitive industries such as nuclear and oil & gas, IGS has an unmatched track record to comply with the most stringent requirements on environment, health and safety standards.

    IGS ...

  • Lance Scope™ Hot inspection service

    Avoid Furnace Shut Down with Online Fired Heater Inspection. Is there an issue with your high temperature fixed equipment, but you can’t see the cause, or the exact site? We designed and developed Cetek’s Lancescope™ fired heater inspection tool for just this situation. It allows ...

  • Cetek Ceramic Coatings

    Ceramic coatings for fired heaters: Integrated Global Services (IGS) apply Cetek coatings across the globe. Numerous fired heater applications have been completed over 20 years. Process engineers typically see a 4-10% increase in fired heater efficiency, leading to millions in fuel ...

  • Seven reasons why maintenance managers choose HVTS vs HVOF

    1. Market Recognition - 2. Porosity & Oxides Level - 3. Production Rate - 4. Variable Thickness - 5. Refurbishability - 6. On-site Safety, Quality, and Environment Protection - 7. Project Management.

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