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  • RIVE® FCC Catalysts

    RIVE® FCC catalyst represents the first and only use of ordered mesoporosity in FCC zeolites or catalysts, and is capable of providing a step change in value for many FCC operations. The result: enhanced diffusion of hydrocarbons both into and out of the catalyst particle. This adds ...

  • Turning an IMO 2020 problem into a high profit solution

    Few refining industry issues have been as universally discussed by refiners over the last several years as the upcoming IMO regulations on marine fuel quality. Nearly every conference, meeting, or presentation in the industry has a healthy connection to this issue, and the projected impacts ...

  • ACHIEVE® FCC Catalysts

    Grace is expanding its portfolio of catalysts to address the current market challenges, in particular to lower slurry yield to take advantage of distillate crack spreads as well as to address the trend towards increased residue and opportunity crude processing. Grace has developed new ...

  • ResidCrackeR™ 4G

    ResidCrackeR™ 4G is the latest generation of Grace’s coke selective bottoms cracking ResidCrackeR™ catalyst family for residue FCC feed applications. ResidCrackeR™ 4G is an extension of the ResidCrackeR™ catalyst family, a component of the EnhanceR™ ...

  • ProtAgon™ 4G

    ProtAgon™ 4G is the latest generation of Grace’s propylene maximization technology. Propylene yields of over 12wt% have been achieved with this catalyst technology. ProtAgon™ 4G is manufactured using the Grace EnhanceR™ Technology Platform, and is an extension of ...

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