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  • INTERCAT FCC additives and catalyst handling technologies

    Most refiners now find it essential to use catalytic additives to supplement the host FCC catalyst in order to achieve the desired unit performance, product quality, and environmental emissions targets that must be met. Johnson Matthey is the foremost supplier of FCC additives and addition ...

  • Delivering world class hydrogen plant performance

    KATALCO a commitment to excellence. The world that we live in today is constantly changing; 50 years from now it will be unrecognizable. We live during a period of significant population growth, with increasing urbanization and increasing wealth. The population is not only increasing, ...

  • CATACEL SSR tailored catalyst technology

    CATACEL SSR technology. Introduction. CATACEL SSRTM is an innovative and industry leading technology that delivers a sharp improvement in the catalyst technology that is available to the operators of steam reforming units. CATACEL SSR technology allows unique and unexpected combinations ...

  • PURASPEC CLEAR Chloride guards

    Chlorides in a refinery. Where does it come from? Chlorides are introduced into the refinery flowsheet in several ways. Some crude sources can bring both inorganic and organic chloride content. Desalter processes and chemical additives are used to remove chlorides and prevent corrosion ...

  • An introduction to process technologies

    Who is Johnson Matthey? Johnson Matthey was founded in 1817. It gained a reputation for integrity in assaying precious metals and was appointed as official assayer to the Bank of England in 1852. Now almost 200 years old, Johnson Matthey has demonstrated its ability to maintain world leadership ...

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