How to fix a tube in a fired heater furnace without SD - Hot Tube Stabilization

Occasionally, tube supports (wall and roof) in the radiant section of process heaters fail, allowing the process tubes to potentially get out of alignment (sagging or bowing) or even worse, rupturing.

IGS Hot-tek provides on-line repair service to stabilize the process tubes while the heater is still in full operation.

The stabilizer can either be supplied by the customer or fabricated by HotTek.  Utilizing proprietary procedures/methods, HotTek will make a penetration in the vicinity of the failed tube support, insert the stabilizer, weld the stabilizer in place, replace the refractory and replace the external steel shell in the repair area.

Safety is the most important factor in performing this type of repair.  HotTek has performed hundreds of on-line services without any accidents/incidents.

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