Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology for reducing gasoline sulfur. BASF proudly introduces NaphthaClean, an FCC catalyst technology designed for the reduction of FCC gasoline sulfur content. Based on the combination of our award-winning and commercially proven Distributed Matrix Structures (DMS) technology platform and BASF gasoline sulfur reduction technology, NaphthaClean provides a refiner with both maximum gasoline production and maximum gasoline sulfur reduction.

This proven technology has demonstrated 25 to 40 percent sulfur reduction in gasoline and provides refiners with the additional flexibility to reduce gasoline sulfur via cut-point control. This can be achieved while preserving or even increasing gasoline yield due to the improvement in gasoline
selectivity provided by NaphthaClean. The additional benefits of low coke and gas selectivity and improved bottoms cracking associated with the DMS platform are also maintained.

The reduction of sulfur in FCC gasoline is a requirement in low sulfur gasoline markets because ninety percent of gasoline sulfur is derived from FCC gasoline. The combination of feed hydrotreating, FCC catalysts and additives, post-treating or cut-point adjustment is utilized by refiners to meet low sulfur specifications. NaphthaClean can be a cost-effective contributor to sulfur reduction in gasoline.


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