5 key downstream projects in Caspian and Central Asian regions

In preparation for the Downstream Caspian and Central Asia conference (23-24 September, Nur-Sultan), the organizing company Globuc partnered with GlobalData analytics company, to prepare an overview of all the active downstream projects in Caspian and Central Asian regions.

The overview contains all the planned and announced projects in refining and petrochemicals in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, based on the Global Data’s project database. Information presented in this report includes name of project’ operating company, project announcement and completion dates, current project stage, exact units and plants that are being built or modernised, volume of investments, as well as project EPC contractors and licensors, if they are already known.

Below are five key projects from each country the report covers, based on their total capex:
Baku Refinery Revamp Phase II in Azerbaijan
Within the second phase of a SOCAR refinery revamp is has been planned to build a cracking unit. Even though the project has been announced as early as in 2013 it is now on the feasibility stage and the planned completion date is set for 2030. The total capex of this project alone is estimated at $10 billion.

Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Atyrau Complex in Kazakhstan
KPI is currently engaged in the construction of several new plants at their Atyrau site, these are: propylene plant, polypropylene plant, polybutadiene plant, and butadiene plant. Construction of these plants is planned to be finished by 2021. Apart from that, KPI has announced its plans to build a PVC Plant within this complex, which is now undergoing the feasibility study. The combined capex of these projects is estimated at over $2 billion.

Navoiazot Navoi Complex in Uzbekistan
Navoiazot is working on the construction of several petrochemical plants. These are: ammonia, urea, caustic soda, methanol and PVC plants. It is planned that all these plants will commence production in 2020. The combined capex of these project is estimated at $1,512 million.

Turkmengaz Kiyanly Complex in Turkmenistan
Turkmengaz has also announced several petrochemical projects at their Kiyanly site. The project encompasses the construction of PVC plant, polyethylene plant, chlorine plant, as well as caustic soda plant. All these projects are currently at the feasibility stage and are planned to be completed by 2025. The combined capex of these projects is estimated at $428 million.

Azot Sarband Complex in Tajikistan
Tajik petrochemical producer Azot (former Tajik Azote) has also resumed its modernization works and is now looking for investors for the construction of urea and ammonia plants at their Sarband site. This project has been announced as early as in 2016 and its completion date then has been set for 2020. The total capex of this project is estimated at $421 million.


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