ISAB selects IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing technology from DuPont Clean Technologies

DuPont Clean Technologies today announced it has signed a contract with ISAB S.r.l, to revamp the refinery’s existing trickle bed diesel hydrotreater at the Priolo Refinery in Siracusa, Italy with the IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology.  ISAB commissioned DuPont for the project in an effort to increase unit capacity to a target of 205 m3/hr (31,000 bpsd), while also extending catalyst cycle length.

IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreaters enable refiners to produce high-quality, low-sulfur fuels that comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, but at lower energy consumption rates and operating costs than trickle bed hydroprocessing units. The IsoTherming® technology is commercially proven to process a wide range of feedstocks, from kerosene to vacuum gas oil, including 100 percent light cycle oil. The units are designed to provide refiners with consistent utility savings of 30-60% and capital cost savings potential up to 30% compared to trickle bed technologies.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with ISAB on this project,” said Kevin Bockwinkel, global business manager, IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology. “In addition to producing high-quality, low sulfur fuels, our IsoTherming® technology will grant ISAB the opportunity to process more difficult, cracked feedstock without sacrificing product quality all while extending catalyst cycle length.  Utilizing the IsoTherming® technology allows us to accomplish all of this without additional catalyst volume, thus maximizing the benefit to the refinery without the need for significant capital investment. We look forward to expanding upon our strong relationship with ISAB and continuing it for years to come.”

Startup of the IsoTherming® Diesel Hydrotreater at the Priolo Refinery is expected to take place by 2024.

The IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology utilizes a novel liquid-phase reactor system offering distinct advantages over conventional hydroprocessing technologies in that it uses hydrogen and catalyst more efficiently.  The IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology is suitable for a wide range of applications, including 100% kerosene hydrotreating, 100% light cycle oil (LCO) hydrotreating, transmix hydrotreating, diesel hydrotreating, FCC feed hydrotreating (VGO hydrotreating), mild hydrocracking, dewaxing, gas-to-liquid (GTL) upgrading, and heavy oil upgrading for both grassroots and revamp configurations.  Licensed and marketed by DuPont as part of its Clean Technologies portfolio, the IsoTherming® technology has been licensed in 27 refineries worldwide with capacities ranging from 1,500 bpd (82 kmta) to 80,000 bpd (3,900 kmta), offering refiners a lower CAPEX and OPEX solution than conventional hydroprocessing options.


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