KBR awarded two ammonia plant revamp contracts

KBR announced today it has been awarded contracts for revamping two ammonia plants by PJSC Acron Group, Novgorod, Russia.

KBR will supply the process technology license, basic engineering design package, and proprietary equipment for the ammonia plants to increase production capacity by over 30% to 2300 MTPD each. The original plants were commissioned in the 1970s.

The key revamp measures will include KBR's KRES™ technology, KBR's Horizontal Ammonia Convertor, and other advanced features that enable KBR to increase output and overall energy efficiency as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions per ton of ammonia.  The completion of the first revamp project including commissioning and start-up is expected in 2023.

"The selection of our ammonia technology shows the trust and confidence leading producers like Acron have in KBR's energy-efficient and sustainable ammonia technology solutions," said Doug Kelly, KBR President, Technology. "KBR's revamp expertise and technology are valued for reducing energy consumption, increasing capacity, and improving reliability of older plants at lower investment."

Around 50% of licensed global ammonia capacity uses KBR's ammonia technology. Since the 1960s, KBR has revamped 200 ammonia plants and also licensed, engineered, or constructed 244 grassroots ammonia plants worldwide.


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